Frequent Asked Questions | "Lawyers in Solidarity with Ukraine"

Frequent Asked Questions | "Lawyers in Solidarity with Ukraine"


The documents required for enrolment in an educational facility, pursuant to Normative Order 6/2018 of April 12th and Normative Order 5/2020 of April 21st, are:

-Residence permit (temporary protection title), if you have a digital mobile key is even better;


- SNS National Health Service user number

-NISS Social Security user number

- Residence permit (temporary protection title) of the student’s guardian/parent;

- NIF of the guardian/parent

- Residence address of both the student and the guardian/parent;

-Date of birth of the guardian/parent;

-Data on the composition of the household validated by AT if not the parents and

- Academic qualifications of the guardian/parent (mandatory).

-Proof of the address of the area of ​​residence, only in cases where the parent's address is not automatically filled in when reading the card or using the CMD and if you intend to use this information for ranking purposes (obtaining a vacancy);

-Proof of the guardian/parent's professional activity address, if this information is to be used for ranking purposes;

-Proof of family allowance grade, if the parent has not authorized the exchange of data between the Enrolment Portal and Social Security, and wishes to have access to benefits;

-Proof that the student attends school with a technical-pedagogical report;

-Proof of itinerant professional, if the roaming regime is intended;

-Proof of vacancy or registration for aptitude tests at the specialized artistic education school, in case one intends to attend school in this type of education;

-Proof of the student's qualifications, if he/she has previously attended an educational facility (optional).

In addition to these documents, it must be verified whether the intended institution requests extra documentation to guarantee transparency in the act of ranking students.

To obtain proof of the composition of the household in the AT, access the reserved area of ​​the Finance Portal (, under “Services” > ” Tax Status” > “Relevant Personal Data” > ”Consult Household”. Here you can obtain the proof, by viewing and printing, after downloading the file. This proof can also be obtained at the Citizen's Desk and in the Finance Services, but you should start by checking the conditions in which face-to-face attendance is taking place due to the pandemics situation.

Do not forget that according to paragraph 3 of the CM Resolution of March 1st, any means of proof is admissible, namely proof by one’s own statement.

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