Free legal advice for foreigners at airports

As of 8 March, the Portuguese Bar Association (OA) will ensure lawyers are available for legal assistance and advice to foreign citizens prevented from entering Portugal at the seven airports of the country.

The OA states that any foreign citizen who is refused entry into the national territory must be informed, in a language that they understand, of the possibility of being able to be assisted by a Portuguese lawyer.

The lawyers will be available in person only at Lisbon Airport and will cover three shifts, beginning at 8am and concluding at 5pm.

There will also be measures put in place at Porto, Faro, Funchal, Porto Santo, Ponta Delgada and Lajes Airports.

The measure stems from the protocol signed in November by the Order, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) and aims to ensure “full access to the law and the courts for the defence of their legally protected rights and interests”.

OA president Menezes Leitão explained that the fees of the lawyers who ensure this legal assistance will be paid by the MAI, but in order to have the system of access to the right to work, it will be through the Institute of Financial Management and Justice Equipment.

01/02/2023 09:57:43