Legal Aid and Legal Advice - Pro bono

The Portuguese Bar Association’s Statute approved by Law 145/2015 of September 9th enhances the social responsibility of lawyers returning their service to the community by engaging in legal aid and delivering pro bono service.

We cannot recommend pro bono professionals but we have a legal aid system ruled by the Social Security/Ministry of Justice and each Advogado, not registered within this system, decides if he/she carries pro bono activity when contacted.

So, according to our legal system, a person or company, needing access to court or to legal advice, has to present a formal plead before the Social Security that, by assessing the financial situation of the plaintiff, may approve or not, its granting benefit.

After being granted access, the automatic designation occurs in our legal aid group of lawyers, by appointing a lawyer in the region of the plaintiff and even exempting the plaintiff from court expenses (if approved).


The plead may be presented through several conditions, which you may check at the following link


For employment issues, you may also get an appointment at General Attorney’s office in some Employment Court in your area and information at Autoridade  para as Condições de Trabalho


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