The Portuguese Bar Association

The Portuguese Bar Association

I. Organization Profile


1. Year of Foundation 1926.

Ordem dos Advogados (OA) / Portuguese Bar Association, was established by Decree number 11 715, from June 12th 1926, however, its origins trace back to the Lisbon Lawyers’ Association, with Statutes approved in 1838.

2. Types of Membership
If your association has more than one category of membership such as “standard”, “associate”, “scholar” and “student”, please give a brief description of each category.

Advogados – Lawyers (full members).
Advogados Estagiários – Trainee Lawyers.

3. Number of Members
Please fill in the number of members of your association. If you have more than one category of membership, please provide the number of each category.

On January 2017:
Lawyers – 29 852
Trainee Lawyers (in the second and final phase of training) – 2500

4. Membership
Compulsory or Voluntary?

Is the membership in your association prerequisite to practice law in your country (or state, region, etc.)?

5. Executives and Officers
Please provide titles and the number of each office holder.

Elected officers/members (for a three-year term):
Bastonário or Bastonária (1) – President of the Bar Association, also acts as General Council’s Chairman, Congress’ Chairman and General Assembly’s Chairman.
General Council’s Members (21) – Executive management and regulatory body, nationwide.
President of the Superior Council (1)
Superior Council’s Members (22) – “Appeal” Ethics instance of the Bar Association (in certain cases, such as former or current members, also has first instance jurisdiction).

President of the Fiscal Council

Fiscal Council (1 President and 3 members) - Supervise the financial management of the Bar Association

Presidents of the Regional Councils (7)
Regional Councils - (7) Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Madeira and Azores – (elected members of each Regional Council vary - these management bodies act within its territorial limits and are responsible, amongst other competences, for providing trainee lawyers trainings and encouraging continuous training of lawyers.
Presidents of the Deontology Councils (7).
Deontology Councils - (7) same as Regional Councils – Disciplinary first instance jurisdiction over lawyers and trainee lawyers whose professional domicile is located in the region.
Local Bar Delegations (composed of 2 to 4 members each) – Currently there are around 220 Delegations through our territory.

For further details please look up for the Bar Association’s Statute approved by Law n.º 145/2015, from September 9th.

6. Journal and/or Newsletter
Does your association regularly publish a journal and/or a newsletter for your members or the public? If yes, please brefly describe the information on the publication(s), such as the title, circulation and subscription.

Boletim da Ordem dos Advogados (BOA) - issued monthly, it is sent free of charge to every lawyer. It is also available in stands, for public in general. Circulation - 30.500.
Revista da Ordem dos Advogados (ROA) – issued three times a year (usually). ROA is available for lawyers free of charge, under request. The ROA is an academic journal containing legal theory, doctrine, commented case law. It also publishes the OA’s rulings, regulations and opinions. Circulation – 12.500.

Newsletters (from the General Council’s Library):

Correio Jurídico – Weekly – news about legislation, regulations, case law, reports, national and international events in the field of justice, etc.
Novidades Bibliográficas – sent every three months – information about new books available in the Library (also listed on the Library’s webpage)
All of the above are available free of charge in the OA’s Website
Some Regional Councils occasionally publish their own newsletters or Bulletins.

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